July 25, 2024

Library is the most essential place for students to study and pass with flying colors.

The word “library” is derived from a Latin word “liber” which mean a book. There are so many definition of the word “library”.

According to Enclopedia, Library is define as a collection of materials organized for use.

books and journals in a bookshop follows various pattern of arrangements and organization. These enable easy access for every user who want to makes use of it.

Library is also a room or hall where there are books, materials and journals organized in a defined-order by professionally train personnel who makes such materials available to its seekers for use.


Therw are different types of library, though all exit to provide vital or essential information to the users. The various types of library includes school library, public library, private library, national library, academic library and special library.

Here are the vivid explanation of the above types of library.


The school library are also called the resources centres. Some will regards the school as academic library where source of information are obtain as knowledge . The school library are in primary and secondary school.

School library is quite different from the higher institution of learning. They are term to be understood and able to treat separately.


Public library imply library which is meant to serve information, entertainment and leisure needs of the general reading public without the restriction of sex, age, educational and social activities meant to be carried on.

The services of public library are provided on the basis of equality of access for all regardless of age, sex, nationality, social status, religion etc.

Specific services and materials mist be provided for the users who cannot for whatever reason, use the regular service and materials.

According to UNESCO menifesto, below are various aim of public library.

1.Accesa to all sort of community information to the citizens.

2. Providing opportunity for self development.

3.Promoting all forms of awareness such as cultural heritage, innovation, creative arts and application of scientific knowledge of an individual or groups of people or organization.

4.Providing acess to cultural expression.

5. Stimulating creativity and imagination of both children and adults.

6.Supporting individual into self education (formal education)

7.Creating and strengthening reading habits in children from early age.

Most professor or researchers are good in carrying out good numbers of research for basic offer to specific knowledge. Example, professor are in good terms with the public library.


Academic library are libraries in higher institution of learning such as the universities, Polytechnic, monotechnics, college of education, college of technology.

The academy library are mostly for students, lecturers and professor to carry out their researches.

here are the functions of the academic library which includes;

1.To provide information on academic programs.

2. To provide research information resources in consonant with the needs of faculty and research students.

3. To provide resources for self development and recreation.

3. To provide study accomodations in a useful variety of location.

4. To provide protection and security for education.

5. To improved information services

6. To co-operate with other library at different levels example faculty library.

7.To enhanced wider segment of the community.


The National library is the apex library just like the central bank of Nigeria. The national library is the library of libraries, a rallying point for all other libraries in a given country.

Examples pf the national library is the United States situated in Washington D.C.

the library receive and preserve materials from other nation’s national library. The library of Congress classification scheme is one the most unique impact first used by United state of which most tertiary institutions used all over the world .


A special library is seen as special, when it belongs to particular establishment , collects, preserve books and non book material and journals of a specified discipline.

Example of such special libraries includes Industrial Research (FIIRO) Oshodi, Hospital library, law library , government and non-governmental library etc.


Private library is a library owned by individual especially renowned academics or politicians who may who may acquired huge knowledge on literature and others aspect of academic disciplines.

Such library is seen as personal property of an individual who may gives access to anyone under his or her permission.

in this type of library, donation are usually carryout perhaps as result of dismissed of the owner of the library.

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