May 22, 2024

Discover what an X-ray is and it’s effects.

X-ray was discovered by chance during the investigation of the nature of elections.

In fact, it’s this chance discovery that heralded the beginning of the study of what is called today the modern physics.

An X-ray has become a useful tools in medicine. It’s useful to the body and of which should be taken with caution of it’s danger of hazardous effects.

X-ray Tube.

Electrons are produced at the cathode or heated filament by the process of thermionic emission. The heating is accomplished using electrical circuit. The entire tube, known as the Coolidge tube is evacuated.

A very high potential is maintained between the heated filament and the target.

The electrons which produced as a result of the heating of cathode are drawn off at good speed towards the target due to high positive potential exiting between anode and cathode. Because of this electrons strike the high target of kinetic energy. As they penetrate the metal of the target they lose their speed which is suddenly reduced to zero.

This leads electrons to radiate out electro magnetic wave. The rediated electromagnetic wave resulting from the deceleration of the high speed electrons is called X-ray.

The higher the speed of the electrons from the cathode, the stronger the x-rays penetrate and produced.


In science they are used to study the structure of materials and molecules of organic and inorganic substances.

In industry, they are used to detect cracks in welded joints.

In medicine, they are used to detect broken bones.

In radiography, strong x-rays ate used to destroy disease tissue or cell as cancer.


They are not affected by either electric or magnetic field

They are transverse electromagnetic waves

They can ionize gases.


since x-rays can distroy disease tissue like cancerous cell, it follows that healthy tissues can also be destroyed. As result of these patients are to distance themselves from x-ray unless the person is undergoing treatment or test.

Here are the effects of x-rays

It causes Cataract of the eye.

It lead deformities in unborn child.

It leads to reddening of the skin.



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